Alexander McQueen

Turning the corner to be faced with this Alexander McQueen store was a bit of a heart-stopper. Seeing these garments in the flesh, after so much time spent looking at the images of his final collection, confirmed his amazing ability for me. I think these windows are so simple, but perfect.


Portobello Road, London

Clearview Take Two

What does the Chelsea Clearview Cinema show after its Eat Pray Love window display has come down? Art, apparently.

My favourite store – JUNK, Williamsburg

East Village Windows

Soho Windows – Part I

Saks Department Store

I think there’s something kind of compelling about these mannequins and their placement in the space of the store. Logically speaking, they’re very non-descript, grey, ‘blank’ things, but their presence in the public spaces of the store (like walkways) is really effective. They seem somehow mobile?

W25th Street Flea Market


Macy’s Department Store

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