The Sartorialist Effect – Banana Republic Windows, New York

These aren’t the best photos, but I posted them to illustrate a point. Something I really noticed this time I was in New York is what I call ‘The Sartorialist Effect’. It manifests in a few different ways, but I think these images display a really tangible example of how the aesthetic of The Sartorialist has been co-opted by a chain store to present their fall collection through window displays. For people who have been looking at Schuman’s blog for years, this is incredibly obvious.

But The Sartorialist Effect manifests itself in more abstract ways too. I couldn’t help noticing the number of people walking around who seemed to be waiting for Schuman to walk by and take their picture; their outfits seemed so carefully orchestrated, their positioning on the street corner just so.  Maybe they’ve all been reading Refinery 29?


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